02 March 2015

BWOF 9-2005-103 (cardigan): Complete

Am I the only one who won't let go of the title Burda World of Fashion?  

I finished the cardi on Saturday and am totally meh about it.


I like it on the dress form, but not so much on me.  Something is off about the way it hangs in the front and the overall length is too short.  

I have to snap some photos of me wearing it.  Constructive criticism is welcomed; I want to know what went wrong.

I really REALLY love the curve in the raglan sleeve. It's sooooo sexy - well as sexy as a sleeve seam can be. 

Sewing the cardigan was simple - except for when it came time to finish the back neckline.  The "instructions" (or whatever Burda wants to call this collection of letters and punctuation) say to cut a rectangle of a certain size, fold it in half, and do something with it.  

The rectangle was wrong - just wrong.  It's too narrow and doesn't connect AT ALL with the front facing.  Instinct told me to trace along the neckline pattern piece and create a proper facing.  

I did not listen.

See that?  Foolishness!  The inner pin is the width of the back rectangle wtfery and the line of my coverstitching.  The outer pin is the edge of the facing. I should have stuck with my instincts and did it the right-er way.  There isn't even enough room to add vertical buttonholes or snaps.  Oh well.

Fabric & Notions
  • 1.625 yards of wool knit
  • stretch interfacing (crosswise only)
  • 75/11 stretch needle
  • regular sewing machine and serger
Seam Allowances/Fitting:  I added 3/4" seam allowances to all vertical bodice and sleeve seams.  I read somewhere that the sleeves were tight.  I sewed using 1/2" seams and found everything to feel alright.  I did not make an FBA.  I removed 1" from the waist (swayback adjustment) and added this length to the them to make sure the side seams were the same.

Construction:  I sewed all the seams using a straight stitch and finished them together on the serger.  Though I used a straight stitch, the seam had plenty of stretch.  

Conclusion:  I don't know if I'll wear it or not.  I think it'll spend some time in the magic closet for a while first.


Starting from Scratch Progress

Step 1:  nice pair of pants in neutral - check
Step 2:  shoes in neutral - check
Step 3:  cardigan and tee both in neutral - check and almost-check
Step 4:  jeans and a shirt - in progress

Until I figure out the cardi situation, I will substitute my black Simplicity cardigan (2603) for step 3.

Palate cleanser:

That's all for now.  Until next time, be well!

23 February 2015

How Are Button-front Cardigans Supposed to Fit?

I'm slowly chugging along on my Starting From Scratch plan.  The next step is to make/buy a cardigan and simple tee-shirt in one of the neutral colors.

This is an in-progress version of BWOF 9-2005-103.  The sleeves are temporarily sewn in to check the fit.  I like it so far, but I'm not sure what to make of the bottom gape.  The cardi didn't gape as much when I tried it on, but it did gape.

On the model, the cardigan is completely buttoned.  But I've seen cardigans flared at the hem and worn with a skinny belt.  I've also seen them worn completely open - as if they're too small.  

Obviously I don't wear many button-front cardigans!  Is there a rule or something?

Also, the front is finished with a facing and the back neckline is finished with a rectangular piece of fabric.  I couldn't understand what the hell Burda was trying to say about that part and figured there's got to be another way to do this.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


16 February 2015

Yeah, It's Freakin' Cold

I try really hard not to complain about the weather.  I can't control it.

I can grumble though.  It's -17 F outside.  Let that sink in for a minute.  That is the ACTUAL temperature.  For my metric peeps, that's -27 C.  Thank goodness there's no wind at the moment.  Wind chills have been in the -30s for the past couple of days.

This is stupid.

I still won't move to Florida.  =)  I'll take North Pole temperatures over Palmetto bugs and house lizards any day.

On the sewing front, I made the muslin of my cardigan (I know, I know...muslin queen) and only need to make a couple of small adjustments.  Pics and details soon.

Take care everyone and be safe!



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